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Tilda’s Pizza Restaurant

Welcome to Tilda’s Pizzeria, your local pizza restaurant.  Where our passion for amazing pizzas and great service are yours to savor. We want your visit to be a memorable one. That’s why we’ve made sure our atmosphere, service, and food are second to none. From the moment you step inside, you’ll see that everything we do is driven by our dedication to quality. Our pizza dough is made in-house and topped with the finest, freshest ingredients that we’ve sourced from years of searching for the best flavors. They’re all combined with care and cooked to perfection in our custom-built wood-fired oven.

What makes wood fired pizza different?

The wood fire we use makes our pizza restaurant different.  Wood is burned to heat the oven, which reaches extremely high cooking temperatures, sometimes upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit! In terms of cooking a pizza, this means that it will take mere minutes to cook an entire pizza to crispy perfection.

Since the pizza cooks very quickly in a wood fired oven, it has the effect of imparting a delightful contrast on the finished pie. The bottom of the crust will cook very quickly, giving it a pleasing charred flavor on the edges that makes it taste just a little smoky, in a good way.

The hot oven will also cook the cheeses and toppings very quickly, which allows them to retain freshness rather than being burnt and dried to a crisp in a slower cooking oven. Moreover, the toppings remain nicely textured; the cheese is melted and bubbling, and the crust has the perfect combination of chewy on top and crispy on the bottom. When these textures and flavors come together, the flavor is something like true love.

We’ve also made it easy to order online and pick up one of our great pizzas through our contactless service. Whether you dine-in or order delivery, we’re sure Tilda’s will be a family favorite. 

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