About Tilda's: A Local Pizzeria



At the age of 10, Linda would ride the Rochester city bus to downtown Rochester to wash dishes at her father’s restaurant, called Henry Wellington’s. She’d get her paycheck on Fridays, cash it at the bank and head over to Woolworth’s Dime-store to blow her entire paycheck on candy.

Fast forward to 2009, after working with her Dad and other family members who owned (and still do) some of the most successful restaurants in Rochester, Linda struck out on her own and opened Pi Wood-Fired Pizza in NW Rochester. It was one of the very first successful fast-casual, wood-fired pizza restaurants in the entire US. With Pi, Linda wanted to create a restaurant with great food in a great atmosphere, with great customer service.

It’s now 2021, and Linda still has that same passion for everything that has made Pi a success.

With Tilda’s (her Dad’s childhood nickname for her), her passion for great food and service in a cool, historic downtown environment has come to life. She’s also brought everything she’s learned from her Dad about running the kind of restaurant that keeps people coming back.

Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone to making not only great wood-fired pizza, but amazing pasta dishes, fresh salads and more. The custom-built wood-fired pizza oven instills a flavor that isn’t found with traditional pizza ovens. When you’re downtown, come by and say hello. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer, order some great food and be confident in knowing you’re eating some of the best food around.

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